The Caribe Deluxe line of inflatables has long since been a worldwide standard. The Deluxe line has a group of great running, proven hulls. a sharp entry with a deep-v carried to the transome, you are sure to be comfortable in any seas. Caribe has 7 models in the Deluxe line ranging from 11-25 feet. 



With Full Sub-Floor & Bow Locker

Caribe Inflatables is still the worlds standard in open boats. They have recently redisgned the deck area to make a larger bow locker big enough to hold a standard 3 gallon fuel tank. Also added is a molded-in fuel line chase to run your fuel line under the deck. This adds more weight to the bow for faster planning and a more comfortable ride while leaving the deck free and clear of things to step on. The Classic Line has a full sub-floor offering a flat deck to stand on from tube to tube. The Caribe Classic Line come in six sizes. 


With Parcial Sub-floor & No Bow Locker

The Caribe Light Line offers te same great ride qualties that everyone has come to know of Caribe but in a lighter for for those who need it. The Caribe Light Series has a V-bottom forward to peirce through the water giving you a comfortable ride while having a stepped hull to a flat bottom at the stern allowing for a faster ride with less power while also reducing the overall weight of the boat. The Caribe Light Line come in 4 sizes ranging from 8-11 feet. 


UB Line

Versatile RIBs used for Sport Boats, Work Boats, and Large Console RIBs 

The Universal Boat Line, UB Line, offers a tough and rugged open platform to offer the most versatile framework to create the layout that is right for your needs. Used as a sport boat as well as a commercial - police boat, the Caribe UB Line has endless options. 

12-24 feet 


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