These rugged H3O dinghy davit systems lets you winch your dinghy on for easy storage or just push-off for launching.

  • CAD design software was used throughout the product development cycle of this complex design yet simple for easy use.

  • Impressive combination of design and function with superior quality & craftsmanship.

  • Universal linear bunk design to fit a multitude of hull designs such as ribs, rigid tenders, jet ski’s ( Sea-Doo Spark ) and other craft.

  • Made of Marine Grade High Density Polyethylene for strength and to reduce friction during retrieval and launching.

  • Ideal for high swim platforms, docks and/or heavy tenders.

  • Our revolutionary new stainless steel mounting system provides a quick release, leaving a very small footprint profile that could pull a barge.

  • Easily mounted on the swim platform and can be installed while the vessel is in the water, in most cases.

  • Made in the U.S.A.

H3O stats:

  • Braking Hand Winch.   Electric winch available.

  • 3′ to 5’ adjustable and removable winch arm.

  • Overall weight:  45 pounds (20.41 kg)

  • 400 pounds (181.43 kg) capacity.

  • H3O Dimensions

H3O+ (Plus) stats:

  • Larger frame for heavier tenders.

  • Electric 12v winch with remote control and battery pack.  Braking hand winch available.

  • Removable & collapsible 6′ winch arm.

  • Adjustable inner bunk system for added support.

  • Overall Weight:  84 pounds (38.10 kg).

  • 725 pounds (328.85 kg) capacity.

H2O Dinghy Davit™ (Hurley’s 2nd Option)  . . .  
a classy yet functional design!

This rugged dinghy davit system lets you lift and pull your dinghy on for easy storage or just push-off for launching.  Easily mounted on the swim platform and can be installed while the vessel is in the water.

  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship

  • Can be used for Soft or Rigid Tenders

  • Position Adjusting Chock System, adjusts to Rigid Hull Configuration for Hard Bottoms

  • Wide Footprint for Soft Bottoms

  • Adjustable Cradle Angles for Easy Deployment & Retrieval

  • Independent Cradles with Rollers

  • Roller Wells have a Weap Hole for Water Drainage

  • Multiple Mount Sizes to Accommodate Different Size Platforms

  • Can Be Used on Hydraulic Swim Platforms with Existing Channels to Remove Those Ugly and Dangerous Chocks

  • Weighs in at only 14 pounds

  • Two year warranty