LOA- 9'11"

Max HP- 40
Seating- 4/5
Wet Weight - 645 lbs


The ZAR ZF-0is the smallest in the fleet. However, it is by far the largest 10' boat in it class in interior volume. The ZF-0 seats 4 people in seats with a 5th seat for a smaller person. The boat has a dedicated anchor locker, is statically self bailing, and sports the best ride you can get in a 10' boat! The ZF-0 will fit in a yacht garage built for a 380 JET as an outboard replacement. 


  • Wide bow storage compartment
    Side console seat with storage compartment
    Wide rear storage compartment
    Console with internal storage compartment,
    tilting mechanical steering
    system and sport drive wheel
    Heavy rubber bumper
    5 stainless steel handles for passenger safety
    4 folding stainless steel cleats
    3 stainless steel eyebolts for hangers
    Drain plug
    Repair kit
    Infl ating pump
    Pair of paddles