Valves - Pumps - Valve Wrenches

Finding the right replacement valve or valve adapter can difficult. We can help! With a few questions or a picture of what you have, we can get you the right equipment to make ownership of your inflatable much easier. 

Valves- Most manufacturers use 1 of 4 types of valves. All of them with exception to Zodiac valves have a proper valve adapter to lock into the valve so you do not need to hold it while you pump. All valves are sealed by compression using the tube material as a gasket. Never use any type of glue or sealant! 

Pumps- There are multiple types of pumps. There are foot pumps, hand pumps, 120v and 12v electric pumps, and high pressure pumps for inflatable floors and SUPs. The typical foot or hand pump will pump to 3.2 PSI (what boats want). High pressure pumps can go from 11 PSI to as much as 16 PSI. 

Valve Wrench- Having the right valve wrench is the key to success in changing or servicing inflation valves. Sometimes, just a little tightening is all that is needed to stop a leak. Without the correct valve wrench, there is a good chance of damaging the valve body.  

Need help? Call us first to make sure you get the right equipment.