Aluminum Hull RIB Line

The ZAR Mini RIB by ZAR Formenti is a well thought out design with many features and benifits coming from more than 35 years of boat building experience. The powder coated aluminum hull rib is ultra light, more ridgid, more resistant to damage, and easier to repair than their fiberglass counter parts. The boats are offered in either Hypalon (CSM) or PVC. The aft portion of the tubes are available in either gray or black. The flat sub-floor and bow locker are optional up to 11 feet, standard from 12 foot and above. The full leghth keel gaurd is sure to protect the hull from abrasion of sand or rocks on the beach. Consoles are available from 10 feet and above for those who want a steering wheel and remote control. Backed by the best warranty in the buisness and a competitive price to match, the ZAR Mini available from Inflatable Boat Pro of Greater Fort Lauderdale is your best choice for aluminum hull inflatable boats. 
All models are offered with a flat sub-floor and bow locker.
Models with no sub-floor and bow locker are offered to 11'. 

RIB 10 HDL Video


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